Buffer Fringe proudly presents the artists of 2023 edition!

Buffer Fringe proudly presents the artists of 2023 edition!

The 10th edition of Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, organized by the Home for Cooperation, is taking place between the 5th and the 7th of October 2023, across Nicosia.

Buffer Fringe 2023 invited artists to respond to the theme “Turning Point” leading to thought provoking quieries such as what change can bring and how it resonates with us artistically, personally and collectively. The open call for artists received great interest from all around the world and Cyprus and in total, 12 artists and artists groups have been selected to perform at this year’s Buffer Fringe.

Festival’s 2023 program will host: Shameru Collective (CY) with “cloud.torrent”, Omar Adel (DE) withPretending on the Verge of Blue 2.0”, Marlen Puello (SE) with “The Rest of it All”, Teos Arts and Culture Association (TR) with “Pedestrians on the Stoney Bridge”, Volta Collective (USA) withMilkdrunk”, Tony Bulandra Theater (RO) with#notl”, OMADA7 (GR) with “ANTIGONE, A HUBRIS”, Nefeli Kentoni (UK) with “Wall of Babel”, Paula Carrara & Carlos Canhameiro (IT) with “CASSANDRA we have a problem”, Gustavo Silvestre (BR) with “Metamorfose”, Baran Sakar (CY) with “Overall Progress” and Art Vouveau (GR) with “The Bench”.

This year’s Festival will be co-curated by Ahmad Baba, a Lebanese multidisciplinary performance artist and curator, and Eleni Agnastiniotou representing Visual Voices, a Nicosia based non-profit organization working in the field of visual arts and community peacebuilding.

More information about the performances and the full schedule will be announced in the coming weeks, on the website of the Home for Cooperation and the social media accounts of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival.

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