Fringe Uncut Ep.2: Metamorfose

Get to know the artists of Buffer Fringe 2023 up close!

Fringe Uncut blog series aims at peaking into the backstage of the 10th edition of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, taking place from the 4th until the 8th of October, including parallel activities and workshops.

This edition hosts Gustavo Silvestre answering questions about their performance “Metamorfose” at Buffer Fringe 2023, their inspiration and more. Read on and get yourself ready to immerse into the world of Buffer Fringe!

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Gustavo Silvestre is a Brasilian multilingual artist in the areas of theater, dance and cinema. Graduat ed in Performing Arts and Cinema, he acted as a performer for more than 15 years in  important dance companies, such as Cia de Dança Palácio das Artes and Quasar Cia de Dança. He has participated in important international festivals and recently received the special prize of the popular jury at the Imaginarius festival in Portugal for his solo “Metamorfose”.

Q. Can you describe your performance? (the topic you focus on, the main message of the performance, etc)

Waking up and no longer recognizing your own body, losing your mobility, your communication, reorganizing, adapting, metamorphosing. Inspired by the book “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, the show by solo artist Gustavo Silvestre in partnership with the theater director João Bosco Amaral in an international co-production, was created from the intersection between dance, theater and cinema, in an experimentation sensory and contemporary.

Q. What was the inspiration behind this piece?

For the creation of the show, in addition to Kafka’s book as a starting point, we were inspired by different processes of metamorphosis present in nature, in addition to its colors, textures and sensations. We also look into cathartic rituals, electronic music parties and spiritualistic, delving into psychology and the processes of change and disruption experienced by all of us.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about your creative process developing the piece?

The process was divided into different stages, with different teams. In Brazil, after dramaturgically structuring, the soundtrack, costumes, make-up and audiovisual insertion were created. Following that, in Portugal, together with the co-director, we created the scenic structure and light design. The whole process lasted about 6 months and was handcrafted.

Q. How would you describe your performance in relation to the festival theme “Turning Point”?

The show Metamorfose has in its essence a turning point. A character who finds himself cornered and needs a change of direction. From one state to another, a change for survival, it goes through several stages at different levels of depth.

Q.Buffer Fringe Festival celebrates its 10th edition this year, yet considering Fringe tradition, it’s quite It’s also defined as a festival with an aim to contribute to peacebuilding, in a divided country. What are your thoughts on this, were you aware of the situation in Cyprus before applying, and what are your expectations as a participating artist?

The contribution that art can have is immeasurable, it has the power to transform lives through its reflections and sensations. The festival’s initiative is necessary in this context. I confess that I was not particularly aware of the reality of the country, I did some research after my participation was confirmed. The expectation is that my art can touch people, the festival’s audience, in a very sensitive and subtle place. Being able to contribute to this 10th edition has been an honor and a pleasure.

Q. What should the audience expect?

A human and visceral show above all. Which has in its essence the transgression of one’s own body in a relationship of discomfort and empathy, but also sensitive and intuitive, an invitation to an inner dive.

Q. Anything else you want to share?

With great affection, I would like to invite everyone to watch “Metamorfose”. It is a show that connects to our human condition, our need and urgency to always be on the move, transforming and reinventing ourselves. Each person will be able to identify themselves in different moments, metamorphosis inhabits each one of us.

Metamorfose / 6th of October / Gardens of the Future / 19:00-19:45



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