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Musical Staged Performance | Cyprus

“My name is Nobody. You may call me Ulysses or Odysseus.’’

The importance of a journey lies in how far you want to go. Not at the time it will take you to reach wherever you are heading to. Whether it is one day or twenty years, the eternal question always rises, again and again: What makes a wiser person? Solely time or lifetime events? Life lies beyond time and time can be compressed so that it fits in the pocket of a storyteller.

On the occasion of the centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s masterpiece, ‘’Ulysses’’, a storyteller and a musician explore the illusion of life in one hour.

In “Nobody”, ERGO Theatre presents a musical staged reading extracted respectively from each of the three milestone works: Homer’s ‘’Odyssey’’, Joyce’s ‘’Ulysses’’ and Nikos Kazantzakis’ ‘’Odysey’’.

Creative Team:

Vaggelis Gettos (musician and writer) started playing music at the age of 8 and evolved into a multi-instrumentalist. Vaggelis is also an active writer, publishing two poetry books, one theater play (that has been performed on a half-season basis in Cyprus), and five children’s fairy tales.

Marina Katsari (storyteller) is one of the early representatives of the Cypriot neo-storytelling wave. Apart from her performing career, Marina also teaches drama in education in Cypriot universities and is also an external collaborator of the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, delivering seminars to teachers and parents on the school and family life.

The performance is supported by the Embassy of Ireland in Cyprus

Other Work by the Artists:

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