February 16, 2023


2022 | CYENS DeepNic History Project / Crowdsourcing | Cyprus Contribute to a deeper understanding of our city by bringing your own photographs, documents, posters, newspaper clippings etc., at DeepNic’s scanning station at Home for Cooperation! DeepNic: Deep Mapping Nicosia’s Urban Centre aims to investigate the evolution and transformation of Nicosia’s urban centre from a …

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2022 | ERGO Theatre NOBODY Musical Staged Performance | Cyprus “My name is Nobody. You may call me Ulysses or Odysseus.’’ The importance of a journey lies in how far you want to go. Not at the time it will take you to reach wherever you are heading to. Whether it is one day or …

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2022 | Fatosh Olgacher ΚΥΠ|RIS Video/Audio Installation | Cyprus ΚΥΠ|RIS is a video installation divided into two paths, with two different films based on the experiences of Cypriots living in either the north or the south of the island during the period of 1974-2004. Attendees will be allowed to access only one half of the …

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Relay of Matches

2022 | K&A Relay of Matches Parallel Activity | Switzerland RELAY OF MATCHES is a simple collective action: a poetic ignition, a crucial gesture, to transfer the gravity of inflammability. How inflammable are our thoughts? Our actions? Our links? All together, performers & audience, we relay a simple gesture… some would say a childrens game: …

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2022 | Melita Couta STATE Interdisciplinary Art Installation | Cyprus Conceptualised by Cyprus based artist, Melita Couta, this interactive, participatory, and performative art installation facilitates the formation of a 24 hour “STATE” and its dissolution. A group of artists, will activate the “STATE” by engaging with the visitors through a series of actions, happenings, and …

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2022 | ody icons POLYDRAMA Multidisciplinary Musical Performance | Cyprus A musical project of Cypriot artist, Odysseas I. Constantinou, chronicling the artist’s trip in the diverse rooms of their human experience so far, opening space for reflections on different recognitions and events. Celebrating the uniqueness of the individual and the force of the communal, POLYDRAMA …



2022 | Tera Group Muzuru Performance | Cyprus “Muzuru” is a collaborative project between a musician and two actors, a performance portraying the forbidden love of a Turkish Cypriot man and a Greek Cypriot woman. The actors will be accompanied by a musician who will be using live loops, electronics and electric bass to create …

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[from west to east]

2022 | Vasilikí Anastasiou and The Amalgamation Choir [from west to east] Musical Performance | Cyprus Sound. Harmony, Dissonance. Language. Culture [?]. «Που δύσην ως ανατολήν…» [from west to east…] An invitation to celebrate the human voice. Soundscapes, primal sounds, songs, whispers, lullabies. An interactive experience. A meditative moment. An open workshop / performance. Sit …

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