Where Words Become Music

2022 | Martín Álvarez

Where Words Become Music

Interdisciplinary Musical Performance | Netherlands

“Where words become music” aims to create a new concept of music performance, in which the role of the artists and the audience is not that different and both elements can join forces, in order to create new artistic material. It shows the versatility of this classical instrument and makes a reflection about the power of words and/or music when it comes to communication: where are the limits of mutual comprehension in language? Has music a universal meaning? How can music go beyond words? After presenting the previous attempts, the project wants to provide an answer to the question regarding the creation of artworks that reflect the constant change of our societies and communities: its contradictions, the common points and the interaction between its members.

The first part of the presentation is a short introduction to the concept of programme music and the origins of the pieces in the literature. Communication with the audience is an essential part of this show, in which they can determine different aspects of the artist’s own interpretation. Alessandra Marangon is the artist responsible for this interaction and presentation.

The second part includes the music and the corresponding poems performed by the cellists Martín Álvarez and María Suárez. The repertoire illustrates the evolution and different possibilities of music, from the individual letters of the alphabet to long texts. The program ends with a collaborative piece, in which the audience is able to compose the music to a series of poems, which makes every performance unique.

Creative Team:

Martín Álvarez (cellist) is the creator of this programme and the literature researcher. Beyond this project is interested in attracting all kinds of audiences to classical music from an interactive point of view.

María Suárez (cellist) is a local musician particularly interested in chamber music and contemporary repertoire that includes different disciplines.

Alessandra Marangon (singer and host) has extensive experience with interactive concerts and operas, and will be the audience’s guide in this world of Programme Music.

Other Works by the Artists:


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