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Multidisciplinary Musical Performance | Cyprus

A musical project of Cypriot artist, Odysseas I. Constantinou, chronicling the artist’s trip in the diverse rooms of their human experience so far, opening space for reflections on different recognitions and events.

Celebrating the uniqueness of the individual and the force of the communal, POLYDRAMA creates a place where multiplicity is expressed freely yet inclusively, where queerness meets the door of tradition, extravagance meets the balcony of social fights, darkness meets the roof of light, and solitude meets the yard of the collective. POLYDRAMA is all about the poly, the very, the vary, the all, the plural, the maximal. It’s all about the drama, the trauma, the laughs and the tears. A musical performance, a concert, a melting pot with all the fancy twists and the sarcasm, the queerness and the realness, from the dark rooms of Paris to the bright rooftops of Athens.

As the artist notes, “Please visit polydrama the same way you’d visit your soul: gently yet thoroughly, with softness and bravery.”

Creative Team:

Odysseas I. Constantinou (direction, songwriting, performance) is a performer, director, dramaturge and writer. With a degree in acting and a Master’s Degree in stage directing and dramaturgy, Odysseas has been constantly expanding their artistic means of creation and bringing together elements from each discipline to be able to serve their personal expression.

Harry Koushos (creative collaborator) is a choreographer and director who has worked in several dance projects across the globe. They have collaborated with ody icons for his latest dance film 17000’’ which was funded by the Ministry of Culture in Cyprus. Harry directed the film for the EP “drama” of ody icons who was released in May 2022.

Fotis Papatheodorou (music production, sound design, performance) is a producer and sound engineer who has been working on several musical projects and albums for the last decades. POLYDRAMA is a creation of his collaboration with ody icons.

Marios Rammos (costume design) is a multiple creative with studies in special education and acting. He is a vintage lover running his own brand of second hand and vintage clothing, he works as a theatre costume designer and scenographer. He has been artistically interacting with ody icons for more than 10 years.

ECATI, aka Antonis Hadjiantonis, (music collaborator) is a musician and close collaborator of ody icons since the beginning of the project. Antonis is also working independently on their own musical project blending rebetico with electronic sounds.

Markos Zouridakis aka nodatadesign (video art) is a graphic designer and activist from Crete, Greece. He has been very active into the social movements using design as a means of spreading facts about the environmental crisis, the social inequalities in Greece and the police violence. He is teaching graphic design in Athens.

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