Nostalgia For the Future

2022 | Inal Bilsel

Nostalgia For the Future

Multimedia Musical Performance | Cyprus

In Nostalgia For The Future, Inal Bilsel translates his musical works into a live multimedia performance with the help of two vocalists, a keyboardist, a bass player, and a drummer. The performance’s narrative unfolds across different forms of media such as video projections, cassette tapes, postcards, booklets, blog posts and audio-visual installations, collectively generating a complex but interconnected story world, addressing themes of nostalgia, childhood, and the memory of place.

Nostalgia For Future, similar to the concept of ‘beyond’, suggests a disturbance of direction. Catalyzed by a future rendered incompatible expectations, this disturbance manifests as disappointment. In other words, Nostalgia For the Future is the ‘failure of the future’, a yearning for a future that never arrived.

Creative Team:

Inal Bilsel (direction, production, and performance) is a multifaceted and award-winning composer of electronic, classical, contemporary, and experimental music. Inal is a lecturer at Eastern Mediterranean University and PERA school of contemporary dance and has most recently completed his PhD degree in music composition at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Ezgi Akgurgen (vocals)

Naz Atun (vocals)

Onur Kasapoglu (bass guitar and vocals)

Ugur Guclu (drums)

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