The serpent’s egg deconstruction

2021 | Twenty Three

The serpent’s egg deconstruction

Interactive Audiovisual installation | Cyprus

This is a co-created experimental approach, situated within public space that focuses on immigration by exploring immigrant visual languages and narratives through an interactive sound-board. The project draws on inspiration from Bergman’s movie The Serpent’s Egg (1977) and aims to raise questions about practices of displacement and human agency in the current socio-political situation in Cyprus. The project will explore how migrants are forced to transform their modes of being through displacement through an audiovisual interactive installation. Presenting their narratives as a tool which can temporarily disrupt the proliferation of the serpent egg. This audiovisual interactive installation aims to delve into the tales and practices of immigrants and explore the ways that we view displacement in regards to citizenship, memory, history, ethnicity and co-existence. For the purposes of the project we will collect material such as sound recordings and photos from local immigrant populations (Turkish and or Greek Cypriots ) as well as broader immigrant communities (refugees, domestic workers, asylum seekers).The final outcome will be an installation including an audiovisual set of interactive sound recordings. Τhe blended stories will focus on the humanitarian aspect of immigration and will contribute to  the deconstruction of the harmful identity of the immigrant as “enemy” and “dangerous”.

Creative Team:

Vasilis Vasiliou, visual artist
Andreas Economides, music technology
Elena Vasiliou, social sciences, psychologist, researcher

Thinking Partner:

Anastasis Sarakatsanos

He studied music and cultural anthropology in Greece and the UK. He has worked in theatre, film and TV as musician, composer, researcher and coach. Since 2015 he lives in Amsterdam where he works at Mezrab, Europe’s biggest storytelling stage, as events curator and host.

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