Buffer Fringe 2021 Performances

Restless Spirits

2021 | Yeon Yeji Restless Spirits Video and Sound with performance art | South Korea The Koreans who settled in Far East Soviet Russia called themselves, ‘Goryo saram’- ‘Goryo’ referring to ‘Korea’ of that time, and ‘Saram’ meaning ‘people’. ‘Korean People.’ According to Korean Traditions, the deceased whose bodies are not buried, roam around as …

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The serpent’s egg deconstruction

2021 | Twenty Three The serpent’s egg deconstruction Interactive Audiovisual installation | Cyprus This is a co-created experimental approach, situated within public space that focuses on immigration by exploring immigrant visual languages and narratives through an interactive sound-board. The project draws on inspiration from Bergman’s movie The Serpent’s Egg (1977) and aims to raise questions …

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95 Stops / Mapping the Space Between Us

2021 | Mağusa Kale Pasajı and Center of Performing Arts MITOS, in collaboration with Famagusta New Museum 95 Stops / Mapping the Space Between Us Interdisciplinary | Cyprus Buffer Fringe partnership with Limassol and Famagusta started in 2020 with Elena Agathokleous (centre of performing arts MITOS) and Nurtane Karagil Famagusta based artist (using neighbouring community …

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2021 | Karla Isidorou & Alexandra Bellon 8102 Interdisciplinary | Switzerland Four numbers, to form a single question: 8 1 0 2? K&A proposed a mirror, a window: 8102. Challenging the mind to mirror the year 2018 to 8102, the audience is asked to imagine a world in over 6000 years. The radiophonic piece of …

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To Your Hands

2021 | A Buffer Fringe partnership with Animafest Cyprus To Your Hands Documentary Animation Installation | Cyprus | United States To Your Hands is an experiment in animated documentary filmmaking presented as an installation. Created during a month-long residency with Animafest Cyprus 2021, the installation is a work-in-progress for a short film about the Cyprus problem framed …

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Nomadic on-line dialogue 2 – new fluid territories

2021 | Susan Brind, Jim Harold, Yiorgos Hadjichristou, Duncan Higgins, Linda Lien, Shauna McMullan, Johan Sandborg & Andy Lock Nomadic on-line dialogue 2 – new fluid territories Inter-Disciplinary | Scotland | Norway | Cyprus | United Kingdom CCFT is a peripatetic international research group, made up of artists, designers and architects, that contributes to discussions …

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