13 Şubat 2023


2020 | Natalia Panagiotou, Annie Sofocleous, Despina Chrysanthou #kazanτί Performance Art – Theatre | Cyprus #kazanτί A theatre performance by Natalia Panagiotou, Annie Sofocleous, Despina Chrysanthou In search of clearing out our roots and Cypriot identity, we observe a confusion (σαντάνωμα) and diversity of perspectives. This tragicomic identity confusion and disorientation brought up «kazanti», the traditional …

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A Multitude of Drops

2020 | Vikram Iyengar A Multitude of Drops Inter-Disciplinary | India RIVERS OF MEMORY A Multitude of Drops / Cyprus ~ India Rivers of Memory is the first in a series of performance pieces called A Multitude of Drops, imagined and created by Vikram Iyengar along with various collaborators. A Multitude of Drops emerges from performance research …

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Town Crier

2020 | Omiros Panayides and Eva Korae Town Crier Inter-Disciplinary | Cyprus The project produced a series of paradox sentences and images depicted through typography, photography, digital collage and digital fabrication, emphasizing on displaced letters, misplaced words and replaced objects, in a way in which they create new meanings. The audience will be able to …

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2020 | Monica Anna Day Placeholder Inter-Disciplinary | United States Of the many ways we are different, there is one thing all humans share: bodies. And a body that is out of place is a body that feels no peace. Placeholder will facilitate a conversation directly with bodies that have been impacted by displacement. We will explore …

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awaiting your response

2020 | Kat Kats περιμένω απάντηση / awaiting your response Inter-Disciplinary | Australia Περιμένω απάντηση brings the story of Eleni Georgiou and Neofitos Charalambous, back to Cyprus. Using their handwritten letters, artist Kat Kats – their granddaughter – tells the story of their betrothal in an attempt to better understand their history, her history and …

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2020 | Die Wolke art group Δtopia Inter-Disciplinary | Greece About the Process: Archimedes discovered displacement when perceiving that the submersion of objects in water causes water levels to rise, thus providing a way to measure the objects’ volume. This determined certain attributes, like density and material. Δtopia (pronounced Delta-topia) is a solo contemporary dance and sonic …

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