17 Şubat 2023

Poetics of Space

2022 | Die Wolke Art Group Poetics of Space Dancetheatre | Greece Based on the like-titled seminal text by Gaston Bachelard, this work constitutes a study of the subjective perception of space. It focuses on the “poetic image” as an immediate environmental perception that precedes conscious thought, imbuing it with properties beyond function and form …

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As We Drove Short Short Horizon Lines

2022 | Compagnie Inflexions As We Drove Short Short Horizon Lines Interdisciplinary Performance | France An interdisciplinary piece by Compagnie Inflexions incorporates movement, sound, and to address listening as one of our main perceptive regimes. Inviting the audience to listen to dance, poetry and sounds, illuminating alchemy between the spirit of a place and the …

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2022 | Theodore Scrivanos Crossings Documentary Film | Greece Through the dividing line of Nicosia in Cyprus, the crossings of people, lives and memories transform themselves into a healing power through the Home for Cooperation, an inter-communal hub with its own story to tell. Supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Athens through the EEA and …

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