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Buffer Fringe 2018

The fifth Edition of the Festival had a special focus on the relationships of the arts as a catalyst for critical dialogue, and a generator and transmitter of new impulses to support the work of the Home for Cooperation in their efforts to strengthen civil society and the ongoing work to build peace and trust …

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Buffer Fringe 2017 

The fourth edition of Buffer Fringe took place between the 8th and 11th of November 2017, in Old City Nicosia. As the only Fringe Festival in Cyprus, it took place in several non-theatrical venues and public spaces across the divide: in Garage, Faneromeni Square, Selimiye Square, Arasta Square, Bedesten and Bandabulya. All activities in the …

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Buffer Fringe 2016 

In 2016, Buffer Fringe became an international festival and expanded beyond the buffer zone with all activities taking place in different venues that had historical or social significance across the divide. The third edition of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival took place from the 10th to the 12th of November 2016, after an open-to-public …

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Buffer Fringe 2015

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2015 took over the streets of the old city of Nicosia on the 10th of October 2015. The Festival’s theme was “Performing Urban Memory”. Performances lasted 15-30 minutes and they took place at side-streets; old buildings’ façades; whilst others flicked and flashed on shops’ windows. In this way, audience embarked …

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BF 2014

Buffer Fringe 2014

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival was developed by the Home for Cooperation team in 2014, with the idea of providing a platform to question sensitive topics, expressing ideas in new and creative ways. In its First edition, Buffer Fringe took place in the Medieval Moat behind the Home for Cooperation between the 17th and …

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Peace Day Campaign

International Day of Peace 2020 | SHAPING PEACE TOGETHER As on every September 21st, the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR) and the Home for Cooperation (H4C) join the global celebrations for the International Day of Peace. Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world by nations, communities, organizations, families …

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