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Buffer Fringe 2020-2021 Theme: Displacement

BFPAF Theme, “Displacement: people, ideas and artistic practice” The Festival is a creative meeting between local and international artists, interdisciplinary artists, students, and scholars. 2019 marked the creation of the first immersive space in the buffer zone, with the theme and methodology becoming blended into one to produce an artistic result. 2020 had proved a …

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H4C Sharing Heritage Project: The Imaginary (Civic) Famagusta

Call for Participants Deadline: 18 February, 2020. The Home for Cooperation Sharing Heritage Project aims to bring young people together to visualize and invest in a shared future, while drawing from traditions and customs of each other as a shared cultural heritage. The project will launch with a one-day workshop, focusing on the civic heritage …

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Buffer Fringe 2021

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2021 took place between the 8th and 10th of October 2021 across Cyprus, internationally and online. Buffer Fringe 2021 endeavoured to complement and expand the creative, artistic, and thinking processes that began in 2020, by giving the artists and audiences a chance to complete the cycle they had started …

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Buffer Fringe 2020 

Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2020 was a journey to question the meaning of displacement of people, ideas and practices critically and artistically. The creative community around the Buffer Fringe 2020 grew with the continued collaboration with Artistic Director Ellada Evangelou, joined by two Creative Directors, Nihal Soğancı and Maria Varnakkidou. The three constituted the …

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Buffer Fringe 2019

In 2019, the Buffer Fringe Festival returned to the Buffer Zone, with a proposition by Artistic Director Ellada Evangelou, to ask artists to ‘Define the Buffer Zone’. This invitation enabled artists, scholars, architects and students from Cyprus and the world, to propose their own inclusive, interactive, and/or immersive ways to speak about buffer zones and …

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