This research documents the testimonies of people who participated in the Resistance against fascism, the experiences of women who fought for gender equality, as well as the experiences of all those whose lives are linked to the great struggles of the peoples of Greece and Palestine.
The book, Crimes of Fascism in Cyprus and the Burning Flame of Resistance, is based on two pillars. On the one hand, the evidence collected by the above-mentioned people, and on the other hand, the Cyprus File.
The Cyprus File is a leading example of historical restoration and historical truth. Through this, it is evidenced that during the destruction of Cyprus in 1974, war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed. These grave crimes, according to international law, are not statute-barred and justice, moral and judicial, lies with the uprising of the people.
We, the people of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, want to live and will live in conditions of security, solidarity, brotherhood, and peace.
All profit from this book will wholeheartedly serve the goal of reunification and peace.
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*The book is available in Greek.

Crimes of Fascism in Cyprus and the Burning Flame of Resistance



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