“A unique and dazzling yet plausible glimpse into the future strung together with a compelling narrative and thought-provoking illustrations. I read it three times and enjoyed it more with every read.”  Richard Romanus, Actor and Author
In the year Y2.050K, the Energia spacecraft begins its voyage to Proxima Centauri. As it travels, humanity progresses and regresses in leaps and bounds. At the forefront of the chronicle are the tensions between superstition and science, war and peace, democracy and dictatorship. Alien threats loom in the background.
By the year Y2.200K …
“In these times of amazing changes, the world needs more poets and artists. Dimis and Umit are incredible poets and artists. They are indeed the real futurists!”  Bruno Marion, Futurist Monk, Speaker, Author
“ … it raises the profoundest questions about human life on earth – the nature of morality, the possibility of peaceful coexistence, good v evil, the ends justifying the means, whether humankind can face and overcome the challenges of the future, the meaning of sex, our relationship with aliens from other worlds.” Dr Noel Holland, Author of Amazon bestseller “Rosie’s War”
“In Y2.200K the circle is squared in short, deadpan sentences mapping out the chronicle of a warped utopian/dystopian vision whose dead-end absurdity seems frighteningly real.”  Panayotis Cacoyannis, Author and Artist
“Dimis Michaelides has created a fascinating human scenario of the future that provokes thought about ourselves as a species.”  Paul Warren, Actuary and Sci Fi enthusiast
Published by ARM!DA BOOKS https://www.armidabooks.com/book/y2-200k/
About the author
Dimis Michaelides was born in Limassol, Cyprus. When he grew up Dimis became an economist, marketer, financier, general manager and CEO in Paris, Washington and Nicosia. He is now a speaker, author and consultant on leadership, creativity and innovation, and an enthusiastic performer of magic, music and improvisational theater.
About the artist
Ümit Inatci was born in Limassol, Cyprus. When he grew up Ümit became a painter, poet, writer, designer, filmmaker, academic and art critic who put on forty solo shows in places as diverse as Perugia and London, Copenhagen and Teheran, Strasbourg and Sharja and is now a chronically anachronistic primitive of the future, a modern shaman.
About the publisher
Armida Publications is a multiple-award-winning independent press based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Armida has been publishing high quality literary fiction since 1997 and has grown to be one of the island’s most dynamic publishing companies.
Armida’s authors have been the recipients of highly coveted international awards such as the European Union Prize for Literature. Armida is dedicated to publishing intelligent literary fiction with Greece and Cyprus at its core. Great literature. One book at a time.

 Y2.200K a chronicle



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